Aspirations in this context are those things that people want for their community, its systems, quality of life, and common future. Naming these aspirations helps to define activities and pathways, and concentrate public will.


Aspiration for our Schools

In our Public School System, all stakeholders — students, parents, teachers, counselors, 
administrators, board members, and the greater community:

  • Exhibit a profound understanding of cultural difference that translates into every student 
    reaching their full potential
  • Are knowledgeable about the importance of educational equity, and are empowered to act 
    on behalf of the broadest interests and greatest outcomes for every student
  • Are knowledgeable about the true history of racial, religions, and ethnic minority 
    populations in the United States, their marginalization, unique experiences, and 
    contributions, and these truths are incorporated into formal and informal learning
  •Value the unique perceptions and expertise of parents from all cultures
  • Identify and adopt best pedagogical practices for the success of all types of learners
  • Continually secure and deploy exemplary resources, educators, and administrators 
    matching the needs and identities of all students
  • Are accountable to the protections, policies, and laws in place to ensure equitable 
    educational outcomes
  • Dispense encouragement widely and equitably and establish high expectations for all 
    students, regardless or race, ethnicity, natural ability, or skill level

Aspiration regarding Religious Liberty and Equity

St. Anthony Village sustains a pervasive and visible interfaith harmony where all individual 
community members and entities

  • Are ensured the right to freely establish and exercise his or her own religion without 
    interference or reprisal, in keeping with the First Amendment of the United States of 
  • Recognise the value of religious diversity and the strength of interfaith connectivity in 
    impacting the overall quality of community life
  • Endorse and facilitate religious tolerance among residents, between social and religious 
    establishments, and within official and unofficial structures
  • Respect expressions of faith, whether through ceremony, practice, fellowship, or attire, 
    allowing authentic space and accommodations for the religious traditions of all

 • Expect consistent and transparent interpretation of laws, policies, codes, and regulations 
    applied to religious organizations, recognizing the need for equitable and reasonable 
    adaptation and implementation
  • Utilize shared communication protocols to recognise and promote the significant religious 
    holidays and celebrations of all religions, as determined by residents of different faiths and 

Aspiration for the Governance of St. Anthony Village

In guiding the future of St. Anthony Village, its development, oversight, and legacy, all citizens:

  • Recognize the importance of coming together to address areas of governance where 
    disparities are historically significant and prevalent, such as housing and policing
  • Step forward into public roles and responsibilities without hesitation or regard for race, 
    ethnicity, religion, gender, economic status, or any other protected class or aspect of 
    human difference
  • See a diversity of thought, culture, experience, and ideology reflected in organic, 
    appointed, and elected leadership and in decision making circles at every level of public life
  • Ensure the full engagement of the citizenry in the development, review, revision, and 
    evaluation of public policies and practices to ensure equity of design and intent
  • Hold systems accountable for consistent, transparent, and equitable interpretation, 
    application, and enforcement of all civic policies, procedures, and practices
  • Realize ease of access to information, through translation, interpretation, multimodal 
    transmission, and historical lens, to ensure understanding of individual rights, common 
    agendas, and pathways to full and successful participation

Statement of Aspiration for Community Engagement and Awareness

Every resident of St. Anthony Village, regardless of voice or viewpoint:

  • Defines community in terms of equity, where the economic, geographic and experiential 
    realities of all are understood and encompassed
  • Feels connected to community life through communication and outreach that are deliberate 
    and inclusive, transcending language and cultural barriers to reduce social isolation
  • Enjoys common experience where space exists for sharing beyond issues and challenges, 
    and where an individual's value is not determined by longevity, economic status, social 
    standing, or any contrived measure
  • Actively engages and works to identify and dispel unconscious bias, stereotypes, and 
    prejudice, modeling resiliency and dedication to community life in the broadest sense
  • Owns his or her personal obligation to and shared responsibility for community outcomes